You Haven't Failed
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stevewaldrop The Bard of Commaful
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You haven't failed 'til you give up. Especially for a few Commaful writers who have been having a hard time lately.

You Haven't Failed

by Profe Steve

I see your eyes are haunted, I know you feel the pressure. Your spirit has been daunted, You feel like you’re a failure.

Hold on, hold on a little more Despite your ebbing power, Somewhere there’s an open door, To lead you to safe tower.

Though you sip the bitter wine, And frigid falls the rain, Clouds will clear, the sun will shine, And birds will sing again.

So though you’re weary, tired, and worn, You can always get back up, And even if you’re spirit’s torn, You haven’t failed ‘til you give up.

*** Aside: I just passed 600,000 words read! Thank you all for the MANY hours of inspiration and entertainment. ^-.-^

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