Writing in the Sand
Writing in the Sand sand stories

stevewaldropStoryteller, Poet
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Your finger wrote upon my heart.
Three line stanzas, A, B, C rhyme scheme.
This one didn't fit the prompt for the first time in a long time.

Writing in the Sand

by Profe Steve

You scraped your finger through the sand, With throaty laugh and shining eyes. Before you a heart with my name.

Suddenly I could not stand As I gazed down in dumb surprise, I knew that it was not a game.

In that moment my life changed A new path beckoned, calling out, No longer would we live apart.

My world had just been rearranged, In my mind no room for doubt For your finger wrote upon my heart.

*** Bonus: a photo of me relaxing in my Nerd Nook, an entire wall filled with all my fantasy and sci-fi books. You can see my copy of Hope, Depression, and Potatoes. I have a short story and a poem in the book. You can also see my sword, dagger, and some of my other costume gear

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