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Your whole world can change in a single heartbeat. UPDATE ON THE LAST COUPLE OF PAGES.


by Profe Steve

It only takes a single second For your life to flip upside down.

One moment your heart is filled with joy, The next your world is turned around.

The sun one day so brightly shines, Without a care you wear a smile,

Unknowingly your heart is light, Oblivious, innocent as a child.

Then the storm clouds churn and build, Fear and dread will grip your heart.

Deep inside your soul is chilled, And your whole world is ripped apart.

Demons lurk within the dark, Gnawing, rending jaws of death.

Cold death waits to rend, And steal away your final breath.

**** Not all my poems are about what has happened in my life. Some are general to common experiences of humans or about other people I know. This one is about what happened in my world.

Some of the kids I teach were on their way to church camp yesterday when a driver veered over into their side of the road. A friend of mine, who was driving, was killed and several of my kids were badly hurt.

I got to spend time with several of the injured kids this morning. Two are still in the hospital and will undergo surgery this week, but the rest were back home. Sore, bruised, some missing teeth, etc, and deeply traumatized. I was able to talk with them and assure them that I would be around for the long term recovery. I know they will all have PTSD and will still be dealing with flashbacks

months from now. Maybe years. One 13 year old was barely bruised while her sister has really severe injuries. I know she will be going through some really complex and difficult feelings. Anyway, I appreciate y'all sending best wishes, prayers, good vibes, etc according to how you live. I welcome all of it!

Another of the injured girls is a Commaful contributor. I don't think I should say who it is. I'll leave that for her if she chooses to do so. I will encourage her to. I think it would be therapeutic.

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