Empty Chairs: Musing about my new kids.
Empty Chairs:  

Musing about my new kids.  school stories

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A whole new group of students are about to enter my room. They will soon know the music of my soul

Empty Chairs: Musing about my new kids.

by Profe Steve

The desks in their rows, all bright, clean and neat, Await the new children who soon shall arrive. Some will come dancing, while some drag their feet. Others may fear if they’ll even survive.

To you I’m a stranger, a thing quite unknown. Just some weird old guy you saw in the hall. Will you be a person or only a clone? Can you adjust to a new protocol?

But trust me, don’t fear; I’m really not scary, Just a bit odd and a whole lot of fun. Relax and unwind, no need to be wary, You will be glad that you didn’t run.

My heart’s full of music, so lively and wild, To delight and inspire your soul and your mind. Nothing’s more precious to me than a child, And such a safe place you'll ne’er again find.

*** Aside: I am totally eager to get started. Some of my past students have been coming in to "help", but I think they are really there because they missed the atmosphere of my room.

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