The Cliff: a haiku tale
The Cliff: 

a haiku tale cliff stories

stevewaldrop We're all stories in the end...
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Holding on to the edge. I can't let go.

The Cliff: a haiku tale

by Profe Steve No, I don't feel this way now, but I have. I have. And I know many on Commaful do feel like this daily.

Clinging to the edge. Fingers cramped, dust in my eyes. Pain! My body weeps.

Aching to hang on, Dangling above the abyss, Strength slowly fading.

Hold for one more breath, Cannot, will not ever quit, There has to be an end.

I long to let go, Give up and plunge endlessly, Lost in sweet release.

Cheering crowd below, Bellows out to see my death. I spit in their eyes.

When there is no strength, I will find it deep inside, They will see me rise.

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