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by Profe Steve

TMW I got my first bike. Freedom! At least to a 7 year old kid. Bought with my own money, it was used. Very used, and had to be rebuilt, painted, and polished, but once it was done, I had a bike I could be more proud of than if someone had bought it and given it to me brand new.

TMW: first kiss. Ruth. She was a friend, and a very sweet girl. We didn’t really have a “thing” for each other, but we went to the homecoming dance together and had a good time. I was 18. Slow learner!

TMW I fell in love for the first time. Kathleen. I have done several pieces on Commaful about her.

TMW I felt true loss for the first time. Kathleen again, only a little over 2 years after we married. I’m still working through the grief 30+ years later. At the time, I did not know how.

TMW each of my four children were born. Each unique, each stole my heart even before I saw them.

TMW I saw my own writing in print and offered on Amazon. Thanks, Commaful for such a wonderful experience.

TMW I went through my own personal revolution: Once I learned my personality type (INFJ), I learned that there is a reason I am like I am. I'm not just crazy, I am rare. Learning to give myself permission to be who I am enabled me to write and to ignore the ones I used to try to please.

*** Just a few things about me. I will answer questions. Usually. Hee hee. Meanwhile, I will be taking a train trip to Missouri to visit family and my writing time will be limited for the next few days. I'll still be on here reading.

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