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A few limericks about money!


by Profe $teve

There was a young girl named Honey, Who frequently ran out of money. When she was short of cash, She thought in a flash, My sky is no longer so sunny.

So she went to her buddy named Bob, Who advised her she needed a job. Her eyes grew so vast, She was quite aghast, And shouted, oh just shut your gob.

But ol' Bob was truly a friend, And her fix he could comprehend. So he loaned gave her a twenty And asked is this plenty, On him she could always depend.

*** I hate dealing with the financial, I prefer to live more substantial. But life’s fueled by gold And I’m not that bold So I only show the circumstantial.

*** I'm still at a conference eating too much and sleeping too little, so I haven't had any time to write. That will change soon. So here are a couple of photos of my week:

With Blaine, another crazy old man who loves to tell stories.

Tracey, my friend and fellow Spanish teacher.

Deana, a friend from JordanCon who lives in the area.

My hero and role model.

And where I WISH I was: Cancun

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