Mario Mapache Quiere un Amigo
Mario Mapache Quiere un Amigo frienship stories

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Mario Mapache (raccoon) wants a friend. The next installment of the adventures of Mario Mapache

Mario Mapache Quiere un Amigo

by Profe Steve The Adventures of Mario Mapache are stories that I have created for my 6th grade (12 year old) Spanish classes.

Mario Mapache está triste. Está triste porque no tiene amigos. Mario quiere un amigo. Mario va a la granja de Clara. Mario Raccoon is sad. He is sad because he doesn't have friends. He wants a friend. Mario goes to Clara's farm.

Hay muchos animales en la granja. Mario busca un amigo. There are a lot of animals on the farm Mario is looking for a friend.

Mario ve un gato. Quiere ser amigos con el gato. El gato es blanco y negro. Mario le dice: -Hola, gato. Soy Mario. Estoy triste porque no tengo amigos. ¿Quieres ser mi amigo? Mario sees a cat. He wants to be friends with the cat. The cat is black and white. Mario says, "Hello cat, I'm Mario. I'm sad because I don't have friends. Do you want to be my friend?

Al gato no le gusta Mario. No le gustan mapaches. Le dice: -¡Vete, mapache! No quiero ser amigos. El gato se va con su cola en el aire. Mario está triste. The cat doesn't like Mario or raccoons. He says, "Go away, raccoon! I don't want to be friends." The cat goes away with his tail in the air. Mario is sad.

Mario ve a un pato en el estanque y le dice: -Hola, pato. Soy Mario. No tengo amigos. ¿Quieres ser mi amigo? Mario sees a duck in the pond and says, "Hello duck, I'm Mario. I don't have friends. Do you want to be my friend?

El pato le dice: -Hola Mario, soy Pepe Pato. Sí, quiero ser tu amigo. Ven conmigo. Pepe Pato va nadando en el estanque. The duck says, "Hi Mario, I'm Pepe. Yes, I want to be your friend. Come with me." The duck goes swimming across the pond.

Mario va nadando, pero no puede nadar bien. Mario casi se muere. Pepe va a Mario y le dice: -lo siento, Mario. Ven conmigo. Mario goes swimming, but can't swim well. He almost drowns. Pepe goes to Mario and says, "Sorry, Mario. Come with me."

Pepe Pato va volando en el aire. Patos pueden volar. Mapaches no pueden volar. Mario no puede ir con Pepe. Está muy triste. Pepe goes flying in the air. Ducks can fly. Raccoons can't fly. Mario can't go with Pepe. He is very sad.

Mario ve a un caballo. -Hola, caballo. Soy Mario. ¿Quieres ser mi amigo? Mario sees a horse. "Hello, horse, I'm Mario. Do you want to be my friend?"

El caballo le dice: -Hola Mario, soy Carlos Caballo. Sí, quiero ser tu amigo. Puedes correr? Yo puedo correr rápido." The horse says," Hi, Mario. I'm Carlos. Yes, I want to be your friend. Can you run? I can run fast.

Mario no puede correr rápido. Está triste. Carlos tiene una idea. Le pone Mario en su espalda y corre rápido. Mario can't run fast. He is sad. Carlos has an idea. He puts Mario on his back and runs fast.

Mario se sienta en su espalda. ¡Es divertido! Mario y Carlos son buenos amigos. Mario está muy feliz. Mario sits on his back. It is fun! Mario and Carlos are good friends. Mario is very happy. - fin

*** The stories I do are short and simple with lots of repetition. The kids love the stories and are learning a lot.

I also used the events in the story to discuss what makes a good friend. The kids picked up right away that Pepe Pato wasn't willing to change what he wanted in order to include Mario, but Carlos found a way to make it work.

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