Almost Ready

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First love never dies. For Kathleen

Almost Ready

by stevewaldrop

Countless winds have stirred the branches Of the oak in the yard.

I planted it that day,

The day you left.

Thousands of nights the rain fell upon the tender leaves

As my tears dripped upon my pillow.

So many years have rolled by now, the yellowed pages turned one by one to mark the time.

Your face has never faded from my memory.

When I close my eyes, I still see the vivid blue of your eyes Framed by your strawberry hair,

And I reach out in the dark, longing for the warmth of your body.

I have children now. I know you wanted me to go on, so I did.

One reminds me of you although she does not share your genes.

Sometimes my eyes get misty when I look at her across the room. Did I need a reminder of you, so she was born with your hair? Your smile?

I’ve had a good life, a full life, a life that has had much joy, But when I see a sunset over the water, my hand still reaches out for yours

And I find only the chill breeze.

I still miss you.

I understand now that I always will.

Are you waiting for me? Do you have a place ready beside you?

I hear the call of the wild geese overhead, hear them in my bones.

And I'm ready.

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Yes, she is the one I was referring to. Even though it was forty years ago and I have remarried and had a good life, I still go off to quiet places and talk to her. Weird, but true. I do not think your comments or questions are rude at all. I never mind talking about her. :)

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(I hope you don't mind but. . . is this -she- the one you were talking about in the comments? I don't want to appear rude, but I was simply wondering. If it isn't then I'm so so sorry for your loss)