I Don't Belong: a Teen's Lament
I Don't Belong: a Teen's Lament belonging stories

stevewaldropStoryteller, Poet
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Short, simple, and more than a bit sad. Many of my students feel this way.

I Don't Belong: a Teen's Lament

by Profe Steve

I do not know where I belong, Everything I do goes wrong. I wear a mask, I am a fake, My life is just one big mistake

I’m afraid to even breathe, But my emotions boil and seethe. Speaking up is not a choice, Not one soul would hear my voice.

Though I always try my best, I know I’m different from the rest. I watch them laugh and have their fun, They look at me; I want to run.

I have to hide, can’t let them see That all I want is to be free. My tender lips feel like they’re sewn, I guess I’ll always be alone.

**** I tried to keep the lines short and simple to show how raw these feeling are. ^-.-^

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