Goodbye 2018!
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A year in review. Thanks to all my Commaful friends. Inspired by @hanniecakes

Goodbye 2018!

by Profe Steve

I actually started on Commaful during 2017, and by January 2018 I was posting a LOT and beginning to gather a few followers.

Highlights of the year: 2 novellas, each about 20,000 words and 16 chapters. My deepest gratitude to all who followed them all the way through. That was a lot of reading!

The first was The Librarian, a science fiction tale. The second was a fantasy/adventure called Alejandra's Quest.

In April, I completed NaPoWriMo for the first time. National Poetry Writing Month. The goal was 30 poems in 30 days.

Thanks to the other writers on Commaful, I learned some new styles. Haiku (I had actually done a couple of them before) Limerick Tanka and the latest: Terza Rima. I'm going to explore that one more in the future.

Learning new techniques keeps my mind fresh and keeps ideas flowing. Thank you to all who have pushed me to learn!

During the year, I made about 250 total posts of my own work in addition to many shoutouts of writers who touched me deeply.

The most liked post

Topping 10,000! An exciting day.

One of my personal favorites:

The most personal and intimate:

Thank you all. I can't express how much this community means to me. You inspire me, you move me, you entertain me, and push me to strive to improve myself every day as a writer and as a human being.

I won't try to tag because I would miss someone (old, forgetful mind...) and I would feel terrible if I left you out. So, I'll leave a photo of me with my lovely wife Margie. We took this on Saturday, Dec. 29 at Lake Wappapello, Missouri.

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