Flight of Fancy
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stevewaldrop We're all stories in the end...
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A lullaby. To my daughter when she was small.

Flight of Fancy

by stevewaldrop

He winked with his eye And blew her a kiss,

We’ll sail through the skies In such wondrous bliss;

These butterfly wings Shall bear us away

To see magic things And return when it’s day.

Tho dragons there be And dangers galore,

Such wonders we'll see: Fairies and more.

Their wings bear us far On a magical breeze

To follow a star That no one else sees.

We’ll dance with the sprites In a meadow of dew

Bathed in soft lights And sing of love true.

Your dreams I’ll adorn With songs for you, dear,

So don’t be forlorn And please have no fear.

The morn will come soon So fear not the night,

I’ll bring you the moon With her silver light,

To watch o’er your dreams As you slumber in peace,

Luna's soft beams And warm gentle fleece.

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