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In the winter of my life


by Profe Steve NaPoWriMo #27

When my life was in its spring, My blood ran hot, hopes ran high. Hungered for all life would bring, My soul believed that I could fly.

No task too hard, No road too long. My heart unmarred, My body strong.

Rains came down and all was green, Adventures called upon my name. I hungered for the realms unseen Boldly seek out wealth and fame.

I thought myself Invincible My spirit e’er Unquenchable

Winter wind doth now blow chill, And howl at sturdy shutters Body bent though spirit still Fierce within my heart yet flutters.

The fire burns low, But still o’erhead The wild geese call Me from my bed.

Warming hearth-flame bears aloft A lullaby to soothe my soul. Glowing embers whisper soft, At long last my heart is whole.

For I have loved And I have lost, And gladly have I paid the cost.

When I reach the end of days Fly beyond, sails unfurled, I’ll know that I have struck a blaze And brought light to a darkened world.

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