Dance With Me
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stevewaldrop We're all stories in the end...
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A love poem. Much happier than the recent ones I have shared.

Dance With Me

by stevewaldrop

Come dance with me to the light of the moon,

We'll sway to the song of the trees.

Sunrise, evening, midnight, or noon,

Our spirits will waltz on the breeze.


Soaring together to galaxies far,

We'll capture the clouds in our hands,

We'll sing of our love to our own special star,

Our footprints we'll trace in the sands.


And though the tides roll

And dirges shall toll

Together we can face the blast.

Still we shall abide,

The billows we'll ride,

And fear neither future nor past.

And though tempests churn,

and though fires may burn,

Forever our bright love shall last.


The salt of your tears I shall kiss away,

Absorb every ache from your eyes,

And lead your fair soul to a sheltered bay,

To dwell as eternity flies.

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