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stevewaldropStoryteller, Poet
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BOLO for chapter 6 of Alejandra's Quest. Coming soon! Contains teasers.

Coming Soon:

For those who have been following Alejandra's Quest: Thank you! Your encouragement has propelled the story. Chapter 6 is done and will be posted as soon as I have time to do edits. And to let it COOL OFF!! Wow. .

Ale and Nacoma got a bit out of hand. BIG reveals coming.

Teaser: Ale quickly piled on more wood and then stood. She froze. Nacoma stood a few feet away with his mouth hanging open, his load of wood lying on the sand at his feet. He looked like he wanted to run. Nacoma turned, but Ale quickly stood and ran toward him, “Wait, it isn’t what you think.”

“What do I think?” he responded, his fingers clenching and unclenching. Ale could see his nostrils flare. She gulped. “That I started the fire by magic. I didn’t. I hate magic. Magic is what killed my father. That witch, my mother, put a spell on him and killed him.” *****

Nacoma sat on the rocks near the fire, his eyes focused intently on the girl in the water. He muttered a few words under his breath, then stood and sauntered toward her. A ripple disturbed Ale and she stood up with a start, then relaxed when she found Nacoma wading into the pool. She grinned wolfishly and splashed him, “Good thing you came in. You stink.”

**** But what happens in the river stays in the river!

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