#268: A Real Man
#268: A Real Man man stories

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There are many unrealistic standards that a male in modern society must meet. I reject them.

#268: A Real Man

by Profe Steve

Real men have some rules: Standard they cannot escape A mold they must fit.

You must be THIS tall, You must have lots of muscles, Look like a Greek god.

Bury your feelings Don’t let those emotions show That makes you seem weak.

Must have a great job Follow all the silly rules Obey your leaders

Buy a boat and car Guns, TVs and a man cave, Got to have more toys.

But that’s just not me. I’d rather be a poet With a tender soul, In tune with sunrise As it paints the morning red To sing songs of love.

*** 97 more days until I complete my goal of writing at least one new thing every day for a year. That sounds like a lot until I realize I have already done 268 days in a row.

Oh, BTW, I don't have a man cave, I have a Nerd Nook. It is my library with an entire wall filled with book shelves and every one is crammed with my books. I also keep all my costuming stuff in there.

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