#230 (b): She Was Poison
#230 (b): She Was Poison poison stories

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Some people are toxic. Sorry, this one is depressing.

#230 (b): She Was Poison

by Profe Steve

My friends all said she was poison. Of course I didn’t listen, I was too besotted. Mesmerized. Hypnotized. In love. I found it hard to believe That someone as beautiful, Vivacious, and full of life Could be unattached.

Now I know.

Her poison was insidious. Sneaky. Subtle. A small demand. A frown. A disapproving look That cut to the heart. I had to try harder, Be better. Be stronger. Be more loving.

It was my fault. I didn’t meet the standard, Wasn’t quite good enough To keep her happy. It didn’t matter what I did, How much I gave of myself, It wasn’t enough.

Soon, all too soon, The poison seeped into my blood, Invading every cell, Every fiber, every tissue. My thoughts were consumed, My life was driven by obsession. I was addicted to the attempt. To fix myself, I had to make her happy.

I take a deep breath of the cool, salty air. A droplet of sweat traces a tickling path down my arm, But I don’t care. I take another sip of my drink and smile.

Detox has been a long, painful struggle, But I am getting better. I feel it day by day, Strength returning, Confidence building.

I still have to tell myself a thousand times a day That I’m okay. It wasn’t my fault. I could never have succeeded.

No one could. My heart still doesn’t want to believe that she was poison, But it will. It will.

That is the way with poison. It tastes so sweet For a while. Until it kills you. And the memory lingers. Forever.

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