#200: Predator

#200: Predator poetry stories

stevewaldrop We're all stories in the end...
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This is my 200th consecutive day of composing and posting a new work. Thank you to all who faithfully follow and support me!

#200: Predator

By Profe Steve

Padding silent stealthy paws, Full- moon predator orbs glow, Razor fanged maw, slavering jaws, Talons ready for killing blow.

As silent as the whispering breeze, Each step placed with instinctive care. Prey unwary 'neath the  towering trees, Hot gore flowing from throat laid bare.

Terror of the sudden spring Claws extended for the bloody kill. Through still of night the sharp screams ring Echoing o'er vale and hill.

Howling with impotent dismay The killer slinks home as I laugh, "Oh mighty hunter, you've lost your prey!" My cat gives me an evil glare.

*** This was inspired by a cat I lived with many years ago. Midnight fancied himself a great hunter, but he was rather inept. It was funny to watch.

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