The Lure of Light by Steve Marsden
The Lure of Light by Steve Marsden pleasure and pain stories

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How different people are driven differently....

The Lure of Light by Steve Marsden

You want to rise so high above the rest,

Because you feel the Lure of Light,

Accolades and praise that you’re the best,

A bubble with no self insight,

You’ve got to chase the Lure of Light

You swim in salty darkness, thick and cruel,

You’re buoyed by the Lure of Light,

Hope is the mantra, your goal is renewal,

Dog eat dog, savor ev’ry bite,

Own the Hope in the Lure of Light

You disgust yourself, love is undeserved,

Then you feel your God’s Lure of Light,

You pray and read and spread the holy word,

Pious, you now know what is right,

All revealed in the Lure of Light

You find the grind a bore and depressing,

So laughter holds the Lure of Light,

Make fun of things otherwise distressing,

It’s powerful, not weak or trite,

Subvert pain with the Lure of Light

You will scrape away the obfuscations,

You can’t ignore the Lure of Light,

Drench hidden acts with illumination,

Poke and prod, give them no respite,

We’ll all gain from the Lure of Light

(C) 2017

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