Tempest Falls
Tempest Falls summer-horror stories

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An excited teenager and some hot boys. What could go wrong?

Tempest Falls

Clara pursed her lips as she dabbed lipstick on them, humming an invented tune. She was terrible at remembering actual melodies.

Her bedroom mirror was edged with at least one picture of each of the cute boys she'd partied with over the year and at the "keystone" point of it was her current beau.

She gazed at it and wrinkled her nose before air kissing playfully at it.

Colorful diamonte ear rings bounced against her slender neck as she turned to reach for her phone. Her girlfriend, Sally, was texting her the details of the rendezvous.

"Sports hall east entrance. Paulie will let us in." Said the text.

"Got a new swim suit, babe," replied Clara. "You?"

Sally replied with a picture of some material dangling between her fingers.

Clara laughed and picked up her suit from the back of her chair and noticed a car parked out in the street with no lights on but with someone definitely inside.

The car appeared black but the light wasn't good enough to discern more. She didn't really think much of it but it did peg in her brain.

20 minutes later, Clara pulled up at Tempest Falls high school and rechecked her make-up in the mirror.

She thought she saw something in the mirror but then a couple of pairs of headlights passed on the road, so she assured herself it was just the highway behind the trees.

She surreptitiously tiptoed round the sports hall to see Sally and Porter, the kindly Janitor (who could be corrupted by a couple of twenties in his lunchbox) loitering at the east door.

Porter let them in and they advanced to the changing rooms.

"So he's there already?" Asked Clara.

"He's got a couple of those wussy buddies. I heard they're gonna play water polo."

"That just makes me think of those abs and his long arms," said Clara, slightly biting her lower lip.

They hurriedly got changed in the locker room, slightly giggly. Clara placed a shoe in a locker and a second noise followed right after the sole on the metal.

It was a similar clang but further away. She froze.

No other sounds followed so she and Sally peered around the room but there didn't seem to be any other sign of company.

They could hear yells and a few splashes through the walls but nothing inside the room. They breathed a little easier and bounded off to the pool.

The boys were in the pool illuminated only by moonlight entering the windows and dappling their faces as it reflected off the water.

Both girls looked at each other and drew their knives, yelled at full voice and ran at the pool.

Only then did the lights turn on and the SWAT team barged through the emergency exit and down from a balcony.

The girls skidded to a halt and stood open mouthed that the cops had finally caught up with them.

"Clara Pierson, Sally Mendez, we're arresting you on suspicion of murdering 8 people between August last year and June 27th..."

(C) 2020 - Steve Marsden

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