Improving your Quality of Death

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Everyone who experiences death deals with it in a different way. All of the emotion I felt during my Tata's final years battling cancer and his death were poured into this project. I decided to use Pencil to tell a lighthearted story about my personal journey as it relates to the inception, development and launch of

Improving your Quality of Death

by Steven Arevalo | founder of

What happens when someone dies?

For a moment there is silence. When you start to reflect and your emotions set in...


Death is expensive.

Casket...$2,500 Embalming...$600 Funeral Ceremony and Viewing...$1,000 Grave Space...$2,000 Get the point?

This is my grandpa.

He had a garden, was full of life and loved to tell a joke or two.

This is a clipping of my grandpa's newspaper obituary.

My family spent around $400 to post in our local newspaper for 1 day. We were charged based on the amount of words we wrote and the number of images.

I spent a lot of time thinking about my grandpa.

And set out on a journey to provide the world with a better way to create and share an obituary.

2 years later...

Now this is what his obituary looks like. is the easiest way to create a free obituary.

I researched the death industry extensively and eventually realized that I could help thousands of people who lose their loved one daily. offers peace of mind.

Collectively, we've saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours of time. If you know someone who can use please share this story.

Thank you for reading our story! Steven, Jackie and Scarlet

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2 years agoReply
Thanks Sydney! I was glad when I found UsePencil because I realized how great of a platform it was to tell our story. went through a lot of phases. But I would say that it's been about 2 years and 1 month since the initial idea was born. And thank you too Jeremiah :).

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Awww :( Btw the panda Gif was so cute.

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
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Sad and touching story :( :'( Sounds like a powerful product! How long have you been working on it?