I See You(Psychological short story)
I See You(Psychological short story)  eye stories

sterlingsoldier Dark fantasy/fiction is my thing.
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My usual psychological short. Enjoy! ^^ Not as dark I think? I had something else here but Commaful deleted what I had! I was a bit upset xD This one is based on the prompt of the day, eye c:

I See You(Psychological short story)

The eye is beautiful. So vivid and poignant. So vast and intelligent. The eye can be different shades of color and it sees many things.

But some eyes see things they shouldn’t be seeing. Their view is obstructed by darkness and trauma. Their view is obstructed by lust and desire.

A lingering desire to look where one is not supposed to look.

And thus, this short tale begins with a simple topic: the eyes.

There was once a boy, a small boy. His leg was deformed from birth and he was partially colorblind. He was born to a family deep in the heart of a city.

This boy lived a normal, happy and supportive life except for a few surprising psychological flaws. At a young age, this boy was voyeuristic and sadistic.

He used his eyes to see what should not be seen from the shadows. It was addicting. It was exciting. To him, it was wonderful.

He saw passion. He saw drama. He saw weakness. He saw death. He saw lust. He saw violence. He saw non consensual assault.

And he liked it. All from behind that window.

Was there redemption for such a vile soul? Was there any form of forgiveness for this boy who choose to watch things from the shadows. His eyes like the window into his disturbed mind. Who knows. But it esculated.

The boy realized that watching from windows wasn’t enough. He wanted physical contact. When he turned fourteen, he was sent to juvie for stalking and assault.

When he turned eighteen, he was sentenced for eight years for two attempted murders and one death.

When he was released early on good behavior, he stalked a women and slaughtered her. He wanted to see more. He was sentenced to a mental facility when he hit twenty. He was back in prison once he hit twenty three for murder and peeping on minors.

How could an innocent boy like this with no abuse grow up to be someone so...vile.

How could a young boy with such a happy family growing up commit such depraved acts?

He used his eyes. To see things he shouldn’t. At a young and innocent age. He saw. Behind closed doors. He could never forget what he saw his parents do. It broke him.

It scarred him. It excited him after. Now he only wanted to see more clearly and understand.

Why they did what they did to those poor innocent women and children.

Behind closed doors, a young child can see a lot.

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