A Desert Palace Prophecy
A Desert Palace Prophecy  #stephenthestoryteller stories

stephenthestory Poet, Writer, Musician, Loves Life
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A poem about transformations in perceptions

A Desert Palace Prophecy

It's hot and dry as the time flies by. Going back now in a different direction. A man will seek only to find, a home inside of his mind. A desert palace to call his own. Alone in the countryside or in the city

Like a king in a kingdom, where there are no castles. Just strands of sand that pass through the hourglass. With no people to rule and no land to claim There’s no limits to the riches in which we have gained.

And we will travel for miles and travel for days. Looking for love to lend out our ways. Yes, we will travel for miles and travel for days Underneath heaven’s sky and by a laughing riverside.

Lighting the way, through these dark and mysterious days. Lighting the way, by saving our grace. If you want to lead a life in the light, you must stop your lies. And start anew, with your mind in the light.

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