Ten Ways to Make it Hard to Plan Ahead
Ten Ways to Make it Hard to Plan Ahead  planning stories
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How we escape thinking about our future.

Ten Ways to Make it Hard to Plan Ahead

1. Have a world where leaders assent to ever-increasing lethal armament -- where lethal means radioactive and deadly.

2. Have a culture of confusion where most games involve death dealing and most arguments are on the hostile side.

3. Have law enforcement that intimidates.

4. Have world leaders that continually threaten and frighten various people and groups.

5. Have an environment which is prone to growing weather emergencies..

6. Have elected officials whose first thought is for themselves.

7. See everything as a emergency.

8. Ensure that financial security is remote or impossible.

9. Ensure that health problems are always on the front burner.

10. Believe you have no future.


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