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A general update from the conning tower.

Half in Heaven

There are days I feel half in heaven.

That is because I see heaven as almost right around us.

No, I do not see spirits and am thankful that I don't.

I am content to infer from those who can.

Do I believe them? I am a pro journalist who has always seen wider than mere science.

I believe some. Actually I believe all but I do not give credit to some things. And I give lots of credit to others.

Want an example? I do not give Eben Alexander the credit I give to Eric Medhus, though Alexander has been lionized. It has to do with the fact that heaven celebrities make a lot of money. And have tells.

It is an effusiveness thing. It is an inference aboout honesty.

I like Erik Medhus because he is Holden Caulfield of J. D. Salinger fame. I do not think he has a shred of phoniness in him.

When I feel half in heaven I greet the spirits around me that I cannot see. I flag certain individuals whose names rise up in me.

My mentality is not apolitical. Just open to the now. And open to truth and love as they are expressed politically.

My mentality is "conscious with an awareness of being conscious."

I know as a journalist that I am on the truly breaking story.

I know how to deal with incursions from various quarters.

I am happy. Who wouldn't be? END

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