Fire In My Heart
Fire In My Heart  sexual-assault-awareness stories

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This is for the sexual assault contest. It’s kinda long but I would really appreciate it if you read the whole thing.

Fire In My Heart

The wind was blowing my hair in front of my face as I was waiting outside the school. It had been 2 weeks since the incident and still nothing had been done.

I was sexually abused and nothing had been done. The front door opened and the principle let me in.

"How are you doing today Maya?" He asked

"I'm okay" I responded

"Just okay?" He laughed

"I'm upset that Nick hasn't gotten in trouble" I said

He looked at me for a couple seconds and stood in front of me at the entrance.

"So are you just not going to do anything? Are you going to let him get away with this?" I asked

"He didn't really even do anything wrong." Principal Gorde said

"Uh are you crazy?" I started breathing heavily and I could feel my face turning red, trying not to cry. "He sexually abused me.

Raped me, and your saying he 'didn't really even do anything wrong'. That's messed up. That is so messed up."

"Look Maya there's nothing we can do. We talked to him and he denied it ever happened." Principle Gorde responded

"Well of course he's not going to admit to it. He knows he can get in trouble." I'm trying so hard not to cry but it's killing me. "Why can't you just believe me?"

"I've seen things like this happen before where a girl gets mad at her ex and then says he did something just to get him in trouble." He said

"He's not even my ex though. I had just met him when it happened. We were at a party, started talking, I was drunk and he took me upstairs.

I told him I didn't want to do anything but he did it anyways." I started crying

"Oh so you were underage drinking."

"That doesn't matter right now. He did awful things to me and is not being punished for it."

"Maya he was probably drunk too that's why he did it"

"He wasn't. I know what being drunk looks like and he wasn't."

"Well you were drunk. Maybe your just remembering wrong about what happened."

I've heard stories about girls being sexually abused and no one believing them. I never thought it would happen to me.

"I am not letting Nick get away this. You might not believe me but there were people at the party that heard me and saw me.

He will be punished and I will not stop fighting and I will not leave here until he gets what he deserves." I shouted

"Fine then. If you believe those people that heard or saw you, think what you say is true bring them in. I'll talk to them myself." He shouted back

"Oh don't worry I will. And I will be in the room when you talk to them. I don't trust you." I said

"Alright. Go get them. I don't have all day."

I turned around and left the building. I got in my car and made a few phone calls, and then I went to the park.

I met up with three of my friends who were there that night. They agreed to help me and tell principle Gorde what happened.

"I'm so sorry this is happening to you Maya." Amie said

"Yeah I am too. You don't deserve this." Bonnie replied

"We will do whatever it takes to make sure Nick gets punished." Nora said

"Thank you all so much. I don't know what I did to deserve you."

I started crying a little but they cheered me up and we went back to the school.

When we got in principle Gorde, Nick, and two officers were standing inside. When we walked in I introduced Aime, Bonnie, and Nora.

The officers led us to the main office and into a conference room. We all sat down at a large round table and Nick immediately started talking.

"Look this girl is crazy. I never did anything to her. I wouldn't do something like that." He said

"We would like to hear what Maya has to say first" said the first officer

"Okay well we were at a party and Nick and I started talking and then he took me upstairs. I made it very clear I didn't want to have sex with him because he kept pulling on my clothes.

He continued anyways. I kept trying to push him away and screaming but he wouldn't stop. He said if I kept screaming he would hurt me."

The officers were writing on pieces of paper. I am hoping that they believe me. I just want someone to believe me.

"Okay. Bonnie we will start with you. What did you see and hear." The second officer asked

"I saw Nick take Maya upstairs and I was watching closely because I know Maya isn't the type of person to do that stuff.

I decided to follow them because I saw Nick start pulling Maya into a room when it was clear she didn't want to.

She was pushing him away from her and he kept looking around making sure no one saw. But I did. I saw."

"This is stupid." Nick said

The officers ignored him.

"Aime what about you. Tell us what happened." The second officer said

"Pretty much the same thing Bonnie said. We saw them go upstairs and Bonnie left to follow them.

She came running back to us saying she heard screaming from inside the room and then it just stopped."

"Did you guys do anything?" The first officer asked

"No. The door was locked so we couldn't get in. We called the cops and by the time they got there, well, Nick was already back downstairs and most people had left." Bonnie said

"Okay. Nora what's your story." The second officer asked

"Exactly what Bonnie and Amie said. And when the cops got there we pointed them to the room where Maya was. She was still in there laying on the bed. She said how scared she was.

The cops took her outside and talked to her. But then they left. They didn't even look at Nick."

"I would just like to say they were all drinking." Principle Gorde said

"Bonnie wasn't" we all said at the same time

"Nick. Tell us your side of the story." The first officer asked

He was quiet

"Nick? Hello? Are you going to tell us?" Said the first officer

Nick looked at me and confessed

"Fine. I did it. Is that what you want to hear?" He started yelling. "I did it. She deserved it for being an asshole."

The cops got up and took him away. Principle Gorde followed them.

"It's over. It's really over, he got in trouble!" I said

The next few weeks were kinda crazy. Rumors started about why Nick was gone all of a sudden. Principle Gorde got fired for trying to cover up what happened.

But thankfully no one found out the truth. I couldn't deal with everything talking to me about it.

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