Dear Love
Dear Love forever stories

stefangouws For music shall unite mankind
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When life gives you the right one, you just know it

Dear Love

To let love words slip off my tongue

My mind lost in thy universe thee went lost when found your eyes

For life shall stay short, for me to stay young

The sound in my soul, heart strikes every beat

I feel heat, thy love warming my heart?

To live days now, to live through many years

For filled with you the other half of me

Through every smile, pitty all thou tears

For I seek thy heart, for mine is by you, the one who stole

Now to honor thy soul as my queen, to be my ultimate life goal

Where I dwell in thou eyes

Eternall long hug

To spend eternal time, untill thou world dies

Get lost on you, for thy lips be my addictive drug

Living for thy love, till end of my days

Forever, with thy love, the'll be no other ways

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