NNNR: Shore
NNNR: Shore fiction stories

staticego a small writer from WA
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Neo's house is in a weird place


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NNNR: Shore

The little house beneath the sky floated easily through the sea, its quiet nature beginning to finally blend in with the cove as it reached the peaceful shore.

On the porch of the house stood Neo, checking his reflection in a little shell shaped compact mirror.

A sort of holographic pink glinted across the crisp blue sky, catching the attention of some of the creatures on shore.

The ones that saw paused in their daily routine to look out to their beachside horizon, and it was not long before they spotted his house sailing in.

They smiled, now aware of his presence many found a way to put their tasks to the side so that they were free to walk down the coast and greet him when he arrived.

Neo watched as they began to gather for just a moment, and a second later he shut his eyes then clicked the mirror shut.

When he opened his eyes again he set the mirror down on the table behind him, and took a few steps down.

The water beneath the house was a perfect clear, so clear that he could see all the animals that passed below. Every coral reef, every grain of sand that moved.

In a way that was almost pleasing enough that made him less afraid as the last step(several inches above) led him straight to the water below.

When he fell every bubble rose crisp and slow before his eyes, and after a few satisfying moments Neo took a deep breath in,

swallowing all the air back up without getting a drop of water into his mouth.

He swam down,



down past schools of tuna, at least two(2) sunfish, a field worth of jellies, and walls and walls of coral reefs. Accompanied by pilot fish all the way to the deep dark bottom.

His feet touched the sand, by no means was this the bottom of the ocean. No, no. No of course not.

Neo took a hair tie out of his pocket, and tied his hair above his head just as a bright light flickered behind him, illuminating his silhouette against the great dark deep.

He turned toward it, greeted by big sharp teeth, and big slow eyes. Neo but his hand just beneath the angler fishes gills, it did not shy away from his touch but rather snuggled his hand.

He took a deep breath in----and just a few feet deep from the the surface water filled his lungs. Neo managed his way to the top, coughing and wheezing on the floor of his house.

Several autumn leaves left his mouth, and the dust that had settled on top of him fell off at each cough.

The sort of unrest caused by the leaves melted into his floorboards and began to sprout flowers. Slowly Neo stood, dripping wet and making new footprints in the layers of dust as he did so.

He cracked his back, and took his time to make his way to the front door, and when he touched the door knob he found himself holding onto a rope.

Following the rope he found that it was tethered to his house up and up in the sky like a balloon.

Down on shore the his house lay in the sand, abandoned by both care and time it was half buried.

He looked back up, his house was still there, Neo walked with it across the exposed sand, for a few miles passed scores of tide pools and cities worth of rubble.

Once further in Neo tied the rope to a log and left the house there, and began a trek across the wide, wide desert.

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