Star Wars Interviews (Pt.2)
Star Wars Interviews (Pt.2) star wars stories
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starwars Biggest Star Wars Fans Ever
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It was hard writing this with an angry Wookiee nearby

Star Wars Interviews (Pt.2)

Hello, guys! Aspen here

Welcome back to another episode of our Star Wars interview series!

Today I have with me the renowned Chewbacca!

*intense growling*

Sorry, but we needed you for this interview!

*annoyed grumble*

First question, what has been your favorite adventure ever?

Auuuggghhhhh *intense Wookiee noises*

Mmm mhm... He says he's liked all of them!

Be honest, who is your favorite trio to be with -Luke, Leia and Han or Rey, Finn, and Poe?


*sad grumbles*

Aw, poor guy. He misses the old group

My final question for you.... You cheat on games, right?

*furious growl*

Yes, I'm accusing you!

*intense roar*

Okay, I better go before my arms get torn off.

Until next time!

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