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e v e r y t h i n g

you are what i want.

in fact,

all i’ve ever really wanted, all i really want, is you.

you think i don’t care about you anymore, but baby... i care more than anything.

i get upset when i see other girls smiling at you, looking at you the way i should be. not because i’m possessive,

i’m afraid someone can make you happier than i can, because i try, i really do, but sometimes it’s like it’s not good enough.

i can not stop falling in love with you.

i look at you the way i look at the stars,

with awe.

there are as many smiles as there are stars in the sky,

maybe even more,

but i wouldn’t want to see one of them more than yours.

i look for a little bit of you in everyone.

you steal all my words away.

i never forget the first time i saw you;

it’s like i couldn’t breathe.

you’re like a bad habit.

i want to take you,

take you like a drug.

you’re my all time high.

i’m in heaven when i’m in your arms.

and when you look at me,

it’s like,

you look at me like there’s something in there worth looking at,

and i love it.

you believe in me.

you make me believe i can achieve.

you deserve very good things,

the best things,

and i want nothing more than to be one of those.

and for when you think i stopped caring;

i didn’t.

you are still my everything baby, i promise.

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