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says the boy with the bright mind.

not intelligence-wise,

but like a kaleidoscope of colors,

with oranges,

and yellows,

and greens,

and blues,

and reds,

dripping from his head.


says the boy who’s words were like candy.



but too much would make your stomach hurt,

and give you pain,

for what seems like an eternity.


says the boy who’s heart,

you thought,

was bigger than his ego.

you were wrong.

the boy who’s ego is the size of the milky way;

the boy who hides behind his insecurities.

the boy who,

at one time,

you saw a future with,

but now,

can even look you in the eye.


says the boy who was the romeo to your juliet,

but getting drunk and eating percocets,

just to ease the stress.

nothing like getting drunk and getting manic,

on a motherfucking monday.

a slow trainwreck,

you’ll close your eyes,

but forever hear the sound and boy, it’s tough,

because it’s the sound of him

falling out of



says the boy who tries to ignore you when you talk to him,

about something totally unrelated to the fact,

that he broke your heart,

into a thousand little pieces.

the boy who won’t interact with you in any way,

unless he needs something.


says the boy who disregarded everything you told him while you were dating.

the boy who didn’t ever love you,

no matter how many times he fucking said he did.

it was all a lie.

says the boy who took advantage of you.

who took a piece of your heart,

and soul,

and threw it off a bridge,

down into the water below.

and made you want to do the same.

to throw yourself.

so, goodbye.

and if that ever happened,

and you’d ever meet him again,

you know exactly what he’d say.


you wouldn’t know,

but it seems all he can say anymore to you,

when he does talk to you.


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