Your Miraculous Heart
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The Heart endures great Pain, but I love how it still manages to Love despite it all.

Your Miraculous Heart

The Heart is a strange thing

We are all born with one

And throughout our lives there will be moments that will break it and shatter it to pieces

And yet, miraculously

The heart is designed to do one thing (besides helping us live)

It is designed to Love, by giving it away

Love behaves differently than Money in a sense

Because to be rich with Love, you have to give more of it away

Love benefits everyone around you, not just yourself

The Heart is wonderful for what it can do and in what it endures

It endures so much Heartbreak

And yet the Heart can still, and will always Love <3

But it will not do this on its own

You will have to make a choice

Bestowed by your very being

To continue to Love

To never intend to cause Pain unto others, even though others have given you Pain before

It requires great strength and resilience

No one will hold it against you if you can't overcome the Pain you didn't deserve to feel

But listen to your Heart, and it's beats

Each beat is telling you

"I'm still alive"...

"I'm still here"...

Even after all that Pain and Heartbreak

I Love your Heart for that

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