Time, My Best Friend
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Time is precious. Past and future. We live life to the fullest, but when Time is involved, it teaches you to also enjoy life to the fullest. A lesson it teaches us all.

Time, My Best Friend

In the future, a lot has changed. You most certainly have. Your not as energetic as you used to be and your body needs some maintenance. You like to sit by your desk by the window so you can look outside, where despite your physical state, it's nice to see nature has stayed the same.

Papers and pens, brushes and notes, all lay scattered around your desk. An open laptop playing your favorite hits is right in front of you. You adjust your glasses and shakily type, so focused, finding yourself hard at work. Then you stop and lean back in your cozy chair to rest your eyes and ponder in thought.

You look at the clock, and smile. You hear a knock at the door. Right on time as always. You get up from your seat and make some tea, welcoming your guest, your long life companion that never misses its cue. Time hasn't changed at all in its ways. Always moving forward, not too quickly or too slowly, and never late or early too.

Time knows you well and has known you before you knew Time. You didnt know how to feel about Time initially. You once believed you had it all in the world. You only kept Time in mind with your responsibilities. But it was only as you aged that you began to fear and go into denial that Time was moving forward, as it should, and that you were reaching the years you believed were farther ahead.

You once blamed Time about your declining state. You felt that Time was unfair and cruel. You bargained and prayed, but nothing you did and felt stopped Time from being timely. Time has never said a word to you. And for a while you never said a word too. Why would you after all you had and what Time did to it.

You hate to admit it, but truthfully, you just hadn't learned your lesson Time had been trying to teach you all along. Your happiest days, your innocence, confidence, and skill. All the things you had from appearance to ability, you took all of it for granted. You loved it and believed it would never change and that if it did you wouldn't let it.

You were desperate for more time. You cried when Time was leaving you visiting funerals and struggling to do things you normally could do. You didn't want anything to change. You had every right to your life and living it to the fullest. That was when you realized something different, something new. And in that moment, Time came to visit you.

Time said nothing, as usual, and simply stood right before you. You had said and done things that Time knew didn't matter throughout your life, it wasn't going to stop the future from becoming the present. As much as you wanted the future, Time taught you something when it visited you that moment.

Don't just live life to the fullest, enjoy life to the fullest. Remember the good times. Keep those memories alive by remembering everything about them. Names, faces, feelings, they will all be there when you remember. Understand that those unforgettable memories is all you can bring with you to the future, and that's fair.

Time wants you to enjoy more moments, to live and meet new faces and have new experiences, and to take what you learned in those moments to help you and others when you get there. Time has been trying to teach you that since you are mortal, since you age and not anything lasts forever, cherish what you have in every moment that you live.

Time is patient and understands. It gives us chances in its ways to move on from our bad times, the times we want to belong in the past already. Time allows us to grow and change so that we can make progress and learn. Without Time, you wouldn't be able to do those things. And you wouldn't be able to appreciate their value.

Time knows life is precious because of these reasons. Time knows we want the bad to end and the good to last. Time has been teaching this lesson to everyone and everything that has ever lived. Time has taken notes of your life and it shows everywhere you look. You've changed. You've made progress. You've grown and gained wisdom through your experiences.

Time has also taught you that maybe the world will change, there will be new things to face, new people to enjoy your life with, but even if the environment and people around you change, that doesn't mean every single thing has to change. Nature is still beautiful. You still love your hobbies and eating chocolate. You haven't lost sight of what matters to you.

Time is now your friend, and you invite Time into your life, always grateful, welcoming, and accepting. You show Time what you've been up to with your writing and artwork and how you still love it after all this time. Time knows how much you love it, and you laugh thinking, well...Time was right. Maybe not everything changes with Time.

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