The Tale of the Scorpio
The Tale of the Scorpio water stories

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Just my little version of the Scorpio zodiac. I wrote my own tale for a friend and I thought it wouldn't hurt to share. I enjoyed it! It is all fiction, so go check out the real mythology yourself! Enjoy! :)

The Tale of the Scorpio

(Note: This story is based off of the zodiac of the Scorpio, however, it is my fictional version and not at all like the actual mythology and history. If you would like to know the real stories behind the creation of the Zodiacs, feel free to find out yourself! They are quite interesting to learn about. Thank you!)

Do you know how the Scorpio came into being? There is a very sad tale that can only be told indoors where it is dry, and in a hushed whispering tone. The story will explain why it must be told in such a way, so come indoors quickly, and waste no time speculating, for I will begin as soon as it is silent here. Now...

There was a village, now lost in time, where Spring began to paint the land with color and sounds. The men began to farm and hunt, and the women were preparing their homes for celebration to their Goddess of heart and home. This was a heartwarming occasion where flowers were picked to give to loved ones, as a ritual to how home lies in those dear to us, and those dear have our heart.

In one house, however, sat in bed a withering old woman that lived with her nieces and nephews, and grand nieces and nephews. They took very good care of her and were the closest family she had. One thing you will notice about this great aunt Eliza, is that she is the only person that does not have a family of her own, and not due to loss, but simply because she never married and conceived.

This village ensured every being had a lover, but she was one that could not be helped. She never spoke a word, and seemed to lack energy and enthusiasm in her old age, except during the day of celebration. She would get out of bed and have her family take her to the forest, which is a very peculiar place for an old woman to want to be in.

She went through all the trouble, even if it took her all day, just to pick a water lily from a quiet and still pond. She made sure she was the one to pick it and to bring it back to the house to give it as an offering to the Goddess of heart and home. And then she would go back to her bed after the celebration, and seemingly become a still and quiet being herself, just like the pond.

That year, she did everything she would always do, and picked a water lily from the still pond and returned to the house, but this time, she did not have the strength to place the water lily on the alter. She nearly collapsed when she attempted to, and was carried immediately to bed where her family feared she did not have much time left.

Despite her weak state, she did not seem bothered or fearful at the thought of her death. She was content, and held her grip around the still dripping water lily she picked. She brought it closely to her nose and took in it's beautiful scent, closing her eyes, remembering the first time she ever smelled it this particular and distinct fragrance.

Eliza did find love once.. And she has devoted and worshiped her love all these years without telling anyone who they were and why they favored the water lily. When she was young, she had gone to that very still pond before, and when she dipped her feet in the pond to cool off from the long walk, she noticed she was not alone.

Sitting afar was another woman, seemingly glowing in the sunlight while braiding her long and frizzy hair, her feet dipped in the water as well to cool off. She didn't seem to mind her presence to Eliza's relief. The maiden braiding her hair was putting water lilies in between the strands, truly enchanting her already bewildering radiance.

The maiden stood up and began walking around the shallow end of the still pond, somehow not disturbing the surface, in search of more water lilies to put in her hair. Eliza noticed how she was on the side of the pond that seemed to have many resting brightly on lily pads. She felt that she should help. The maiden didn't seem to see them yet.

The radiant maiden was surprised to find someone coming to her, holding a water lily. Eliza explained herself, "This is for you." The maiden's eyes widened in even more surprise, then smiled. "Are you offering it to me?" Her voice was so gentle and well-spoken, it made Eliza blush believing this woman may be noble by blood, and she now made herself look foolish.

The maiden stepped forward to accept the water lily, and that is when Eliza froze, for she realized the maiden was glowing all on her own, not from the sun as she assumed from a distance. Eliza began to hesitate, fearing this was magic that could curse her, but after the maiden took the water lily from her hand, she brought it to her face to admire it.

"I have never been given a flower in person. It is my favorite too, for the vines braid well." Said the maiden, twirling it in her fingers. Meanwhile, Eliza remained flustered. "I've never been given one either. I am new to this land, you see, and their w-ways." The maiden laughed, "Then that is why you are so nervous upon meeting me. I do not show myself to believers."

Eliza shrugged, slightly relaxed and even more confused by what she meant. "Believers?" The maiden began to circle her while keeping the water still and undisturbed despite the obvious movement that should cause ripples or something. "Love is found in our hearts, and we feel love in those we call home. Do you believe so?"

Eliza took those words to heart, for that is perhaps why she feels like she belongs nowhere without loved ones besides a sister she didn't know she had until recently, so she can't say she really loves her yet. "I have no home then." Eliza muttered sadly. The maiden stopped and stood directly in front of Eliza, placing her hands around her cheeks to raise her face.

"You have a heart. Whatever it loves is where it will always continue coming to for warmth. I welcome you, and accept your heart, Eliza. In time, you will find...where your heart...will choose to belong to." The memory began to fade. Eliza opened her eyes to find herself still holding the water lily. It made her chuckle.

"I chose.." She mouthed breathlessly, her strength now lost to utter a word. It stings, thought Eliza upon that first encounter with the Goddess of heart and home. It stings to love a Goddess that is loved by all. To discover who she was at the time, to realize that you will never see her again because you believe in her now.

The only way I can continue loving her is by going to the place we met, picking the flower I gave her, and giving it to her traditionally in this village every year of my life. With that, Eliza began to close her eyes yet again, this time she felt that this was going to be her longest rest she will ever take.

The Goddess was well aware of Eliza's well-being and livelihood throughout her life. She found herself attached to the first person that has ever given her a gift in person, for those that do usually believed in her and never could meet her. The Goddess did not wish for Eliza to leave this world, although a selfish gesture, so she decided to use magic to turn her.

To turn Eliza into a being that is secretive, where still waters run deep, where despite her nerves, she remained calm and cool. Let her creation be a mystery, as mysterious as the creature she became by the Goddess. A scorpion with a tail that carries a water lily as its stringer. A reminder if ever found how for one human being, it stung to love another.

The story must be told indoors where there is no water source for it to go to like the pond. Also, why tell the story in a hushed whispering tone? Well, you never know if there is a scorpion here in our home, finding comfort in secrecy, just as the old woman lived. The tale of the Scorpio explains why those born under the sign are who they are. A secretive and deep, water sign.

My lesson is, Love is in the heart, and the heart will find its home in those it gives its love to. The End

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