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What is your 'something wonderful'? Feel free to know mine and share yours. :)

'Something Wonderful'

My grandmother told me something she and her aunt used to do all the time after losing her mother. It was called 'something wonderful'... The idea is to list and pay attention to things you consider wonderful and explain to yourself why.

It may come easily to you, and maybe everyone would agree that your 'something wonderful' is a wonderful thing. What matters is why--to YOU, is it wonderful? Does it bewilder you with fascination? Do you smile whenever you think of it? Is it a memory? Or perhaps a person?

I made my list of 'something wonderful' along with some of my grandmother's. My list:

My cats I found them all and saved every one of them when they were very small and sickly. They bring comfort and affection to me during my highs and lows. I saved their lives and they saved mine too.

Writing and drawing I have many good memories tied with this. I would watch my grandmother write when I was little and was fascinated. Her handwriting was so smooth and refined. My siblings doodled my favorite shows. I wanted to learn from them, and I did.

Chocolate My grandmother likes to say there is no such thing as too much chocolate. She would give me some all the time growing up, and make me brownies when I had a bad day. Now I keep some in my bag at all times, and she knows I do, so she likes to ask for a little bit. We both have a sweet tooth.

Sunlight through tree leaves There's just something enchanting and mystical about looking up tree branches with the sunlight shining through them. Add wind and it looks like the tree is alive and glowing. I could lie down and look up all day.

Receiving my grandmother's letters I know she takes the time to write to me. And she loves sharing stories and wisdom. Who else do you know that writes you sweet greetings and good tidings? She's like a best friend.

My grandmother's 'something wonderful' list: Monarch Butterflies They travel so far. They overcome so much. Nature's strength lies in endurance.

Old books The smell of old paper and the creak of an old binder tell you this book has been used and well kept.

Strawberry milkshake Her favorite since her first date with her husband. A classic that never loses it's sweetness in the moment and in flavor.

Crows Since she first saved one when its head got stuck in a fence, it would come back with other crows and she would feed them. 5 years later, they still come by to say hello and give her bottle caps.

With that being said, what is your 'something wonderful'? Feel free to share! And may you have a wonderful day :)

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