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When you think of the moon, what do you think about? Zzzz

Remember the Moon

It comes and sets and rises, though the sky is dark, it yields light. A beckoning pearl that puts the world dreaming still at night.

Darkness is deemed the worst of times, and yet without it, we are lost. For how will we come to enjoy the day without knowing of the cost?

The darkness that cloaks the heavens reveals the stars spread far and wide. In their darkest hours they shine brightest. The moon invites them not to hide.

The sun may bring warmth in it's blinding light and entrusts us to seize the day. But the moon is no lesser light, granting us peace wherever we lay.

To be at our best does it understand we need silence and a goodnight's rest. An escape from cruel reality for when we're in deep, tired distress.

Unlike the sun that has us bow our heads, unable to gaze upon it. Remember the moon in it's gentle glow reflecting you, that saw it.

Be like the moon, so calming, and ever changing through it's phases. Show us the stars inside ourselves when darkness swallows and chases.

Ethereal, elegant, substantial; the moon's beauty allows us to continue to dream. Even when we sometimes have our nightmares, not everything is what it seems.

It's not wrong to fear, but it's in the fear itself where we should be attentive. We must overcome our shadows, with growth as the incentive.

I hope next time when you set your eyes upon the moon, silence it's lullaby. Know that darkness, dreams, and fears are important because without them, we wouldn't try.

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