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What is the meaning of life?
To me it's giving life meaning.

My Meaning of Life

Honestly, I don't know what the meaning of life is. I don't know if we will ever know why we are here in the universe either. We've thrived as human beings, but what was any of it for? Perhaps...I should ask the same questions about you.

Why do you write? What is the meaning to writing to you? Why do you choose to do it over anything else? Why do you love the people you do? What is the meaning behind that love? Why do you choose to love those people over anyone else? What is the meaning in those things to you?

Words are just words, and yet with words, you can convey meaning. You can give feeling. You can comprehend, articulate, formulate, imagine, express. You can describe to me a person, a smell, a taste, a view, without me having to experience it in reality or ever. I experience it in your writing.

With love an action can convey meaning, loving words can uplift feelings, a smile is contagious and a response to those feelings; happiness spawned from that feeling. The beauty of it all is that everyone has a different idea of what they love, why they write or why they don't. We are all so unique.

For whatever reasons, we are here, but since we've been here we have given our lives meaning. We believe in our causes. We learned from our lives. We grew up from somewhere, and now we are right here. We have practiced our talents. You've overcome so much.

When you look at yourself, I hope you see how unique you are because of how different you've chosen to be. You could have been anything else, but instead, you are you. None of us are the same, that's always been the intention. That's beautiful, because I don't want another me, I want you to be you and choose who that will be.

I want you to tell yourself, tell the world, tell me--what do you have that means something to you. Those are your passions, and if you love them then there's a reason to. And I think that's just what the meaning of life is supposed to be. Giving life meaning.

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