My Little Riddle (part 2)
My Little Riddle (part 2) writing stories

starry_cosmos 🌙 You are a star in our cosmos ⭐
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Can you solve this riddle? I think you can, but will you dare to try?

My Little Riddle (part 2)

I am not needed by everyone, but to those that need me I am made for your need, specifically. Where you will find me is right under your nose, except quite oppositely.

When you have what I am, you will see what you couldn't before. Without me is a struggle, and to use and care for me can feel like a chore.

Some don't like me out of comfort, others do for fashionable aesthetic. I'm associated with a character deemed as smart, studious, or pathetic.

Can you see what I am now? I hope you read this very clearly.

I am glasses!

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