My Dearest, (A letter written to me by my grandmother. I hope her words reach you as they reached me.)
My Dearest,

(A letter written to me by my grandmother. I hope her words reach you as they reached me.) family stories

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My Grandmother loves to write and talk as much as I do. She mails me so many letters. I thought I would share one that brought me so much comfort to read. She has a way with words, doesn't she?

My Dearest, (A letter written to me by my grandmother. I hope her words reach you as they reached me.)

If you are reading this, I hope you are doing well and are in good health. And I mean both physical AND mental. These days, many assume I wish you not to have a broken leg when I say that. Mental health is much more important in my mind because a band-aid or cast can't help it.

How have you been? I hope the winter hasn't turned your heart cold. If you feel that way, no worries! Your Spring is on its way, and I'll be here until then. I can't wait to see how you bloom when your days come! I'm so proud of you regardless of that day ever comes.

I heard you went through something terrible a while back. I am so sorry you went through that. You didn't deserve to have that happen to you. And I promise you it wasn't your fault. It usually hardly is. We've all been victims sadly.

When it is your fault though, I hope you take responsibility and set things right. I know it hurts your pride, but do apologize. Be gracious that an apology can heal a lifetime of regret and suffering for your life and another's.

I was told by your parents that you haven't been in any relationships recently. Ha! As if that's what the purpose of life is for. Your purpose isn't to find love, it's to love at all! I've been in plenty and let me tell you, you're not missing much.

I know you've been in plenty of relationships. Relationship is such a broad concept and yet only the simple minded think of romance and marriage. It's blasphemy to me really. You've had plenty of friendships and made countless connections and influence in so many lives already. You're quite the player, hm?

I'm only joking. Take my word for it though. Calling someone your husband or girlfriend doesn't mean you're in a relationship. Teamwork, communication, trust, cooperation, compassion, warmth, support, happiness in each other's presence, being yourself--Now that's the good stuff. You'd be surprised how many relationships lack them.

I hope you come to have many relationships like that. They are truly wondrous to experience. I wish you and everyone else people to have them with. Remember! You have to play your part even if it requires some growth in yourself. People help you become who you are meant to be, you know. So who you choose to be with in any way matters more than you think.

Anyway, enough of that. I'm sure you've figured out much of it for yourself. I hope you're having fun in school. Stand tall and remember your value and self-worth. Once you wield that self- confidence, nothing will get to you no matter hard anyone dares to try. They're wasting their precious time.

When you're old, you come to realize how precious time is. I know I have less every day, but I am spending every moment in things worth my time. Talking to you, someone I've watched grow into a promising person, is where I want to spend my time. Consider it well spent.

I sensed you and I get the bigger picture than most people do. Even when you were little, your siblings would pick my orchids and make flower crowns, but you wouldn't do it. You said it was because you wanted the flowers to live longer, and so the bees and ants can enjoy them too. You were just five then!

I am glad you appreciate what life has to offer so much. I hope you still do. The world doesn't revolve around you, or I. It perturbs me to see how careless people are with life. So selfish! I pray every day for my grandchildren and any child lost in this violent world we still live in. I am sorry we failed properly protecting them.

I only desire people to succeed in only the best of ways. To successfully learn to love, to help each other, to save lives and show them how beautiful life can be. You've made that choice I imagine. After all, you love writing, reading, and are studying to be a medical professional on top of it all!

I know you have friends that are doing other things. I give them my blessing to be the change we need and to clean up the mess we left for them. I wish my knees could carry my weight so I could lend a hand. But instead, I'll do my part by raising my voice for peace. May my echoes ring their ears!

I'm running out of space to write. I went on a rant there. I will continue to write you letters. I give you my support and am always a listening ear. I want you to know that. I love you, sweetheart. Bless

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