If The World Ended
If The World Ended sad stories

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If the world ended, what do you think would happen, and what do you think we will do, for someone in need during those hard times, like you?

If The World Ended

People may tell you That during troubling times

When the world is ending People will turn to crimes

It's every man for himself It's all over now

"Is this really what we've come to?" "Is there a way not to, and how?"

It has been proven throughout history Through collaborative efforts and help

We are there for each other Because we know how it felt

We do not leave behind others For the sake of ourselves

Because if you were the one left behind How would that feel, yourself?

Abandoned, neglected, broken, and torn To be touched by kindness will mean to you so much more

And if the world ended It will not be the same as before

Others may disagree But you can say

"I'm not like you." "I want to help, in some way."

We will do this together It may feel like forever

But with you, and with us, no man will be left behind Ever

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