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What do you deem as "Common Sense"?

Here is my perspective, feel free to share yours! :)

Common Sense

Common sense doesn't always equal to "right" or "correct" in my perspective.

Everyone has their own particular idea of what they determine to be common sense.

When you paint, I've known artists that don't always use paintbrushes when doing their work, even though the purpose of the paintbrush is to use as a tool for creating art.

It just makes sense to use a paintbrush when you paint, and yet some artists use their hands, their fingers, their feet, their lips, and other objects to paint with as a tool.

To those artists, it's just common sense to use what they want to get the results they desire to fulfill. Whether it is to be expressive or unique, they are doing what they are doing because they are inspired.

When you are in love with someone and you want to confess to them, it is common sense to just tell them how you feel and see where it goes.

But to someone with anxiety, low self-esteem, or depression, it is not that simple, even though to you it is common sense to approach a crush in this manner.

To someone struggling with their thoughts, feelings, past, etc. Things will vary in what is deemed common sense.

And that is perfectly fine. It's wonderful in fact, because it shows how everyone is very unique. Surely it can be taken into a negative perspective, but the positive perspective in this revelation is that common sense depends on what the person deems is common and sensible.

It's not necessarily-- "What everyone else is doing, or how they usually approach things as the best tactic or technique." Even though that can also be true.

Have you heard of a saying that goes, "Common sense is not so common"?

I interpret it as what you believe to be common and sensible is not what everyone believes to be common and sensible.

Would you like proof? Think of culture, religion, mythology, art, language, sexuality, gender, love, identity. We all believe in different things, and many of these things are not so common,, even though it may be common and sensible to you.

To a child it's common sense for Santa Claus to send good kids gifts around the world in one night, who else will?

To a good, upstanding citizen, it makes sense to follow the law, why else would there be laws?

Whatever you believe is up to you. To a Christian, God is everything and the only God, it's just common sense to them. To an Ancient Egyptian, there are dozens if not hundreds of Gods and Goddesses for everything, and it's just common sense to them.

Understand that both are not wrong. We have the free will to think and believe in anything we wish. Be understanding and open to all of these ideas, and do not judge them for what they believe in. It's just common sense! Then again, in this world nothing is sensible or common. That's life.

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