Challenge makes Progress!
Challenge makes Progress! art stories

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Without a challenge, how can we ever make progress? Every step counts, even the steps taken backwards. Whatever happens, whatever mistake you make, accept the challenge to fix it, and you will find yourself more than you were before. I hope you enjoy this piece! Especially if you are struggling with something right now. :)

Challenge makes Progress!

With every Challenge comes Progress. Without our Challenges, we will not Progress. For how will we ever improve ourselves if we remain the same? If we don't ever move forward from where we are, how can we ever become better, become more?

Right now, you are a work in progress. A masterpiece still being painted upon each brush stroke. A fabric being woven, one thread at a time. I will warn you, every act will seem small and insignificant.

But each time that brush strokes. Each time that thread is stitched. It represents progress to further your completion. All by your hand.

I cannot tell you what to paint or stitch. No one can or should. This masterpiece is yours alone. The canvas that is your life's work is only yours to work with. Only you have that vision for what it could be.

That is perhaps the most exciting part of it all. Only you know what your masterpiece can be. Only you can make that decision. This is your work. Choose what you would like for it to be.

Every canvas is empty. We all start our journey with nothing. That gives us time to envision and learn. All in order to apply our skills honed by time and experience.

You will make mistakes. You may have to start over. To you, all your life's work may even be considered ruined and a mess. But none of this is wrong, or bad.

This is all a part of your life's work, and it can be fixed. It can change. If you take responsibility and act, you will find yourself only more complete, not less. Accept the challenge, and you will make progress.

I can't wait for the world to see the masterpiece you will become. All written, woven, and drawn. By your hands.

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