Believe or Doubt
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Doubt makes us question, but when you Believe, you do not have questions, you have answers. Perhaps it is time I do not question myself when I feel self-doubt, but instead believe in myself, that I am the answer.

Believe or Doubt

I love how we have the ability to Believe.

Whether it is in others that are more experienced and wise, or in unseen entities pulling the strings, or in your own strength and free will... Humanity has found ways to admire and define. Following with faith.

I find that the most difficult thing to believe ourselves. Doubt makes us question ourselves with the choices we make and the outcomes that follow.

It is normal to feel self-doubt. I think it's very human and humbling. Because as human beings we know there is a world bigger than us, bigger than what we can imagine and perceive, and since our time is so young and there is so many possibilities, who wouldn't Doubt where we should be?

Doubt can be rooted from Fear. Fear to disappoint and fail expectations. It discourages and denies chance. It disbelieves and disapproves hope.

When you Believe in something, you do not question it. Doubt leaves us questions, but Belief provides us answers and explanations.

So when you Doubt in yourself, is it because you question yourself? Or is it because you do not Believe that you are the answer?

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