Memory Fragments
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starlitmay My reality is inside of a dream.
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Which one is real, which one is not?

Memory Fragments

I'm falling, drowning in a deep, black sea, reaching for a light that I could not even s e e.

W h o a m I? W h e r e am I? Why am I here?

I couldn't tell, I c o u l d n ' t tell.

I remember talking with friends, I remember laughing with them and I still feel the same feelings that invaded my heart and mind during those interactions.

I remember being awake.

I remember the real world.

I remember falling asleep.

But... W H Y ?

If this is just a dream, if this is a nightmare,

Why won't I wake up?

But then, I'd remember waking up to a white room that smelled of clinics like that of hospitals and schools and every time I do, I would be forced to drink several pills,

eat tasteless food and be injected with several fluids I can't even fathom.

I could hear a rapid rise of a beating heart, somewhere. I hear voices and noises. I feel someone touching my outstretched hand, grasping it tightly but never pulling me up from this dark sea.

Then I hear laughter.

and that's when my mind was telling me that I knew the truth, the reality all along--

That the reality I've known is just a fraud, it was never r e a l

Those fragments of memories I have when I find myself in a white room

Were just dreams that I have whenever I fall asleep--

Before waking up in the same old empty white room.

I know that those memories won't come back,

That they will all fade away

But I'd rather drown endlessly

Than to wake up in my reality.

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