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stargazer_ I.G: blotted.diaries_
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this is last night when I couldn't sleep. Why in the right mind am I posting this-

roaring snores

I lay awake

Once again

Once again cradled in the arms of a dead night,

She seems to have a liking towards me

For I find myself in her embrace very often

I hear roaring snores,

And I can't help but wonder,

The loud dreams they might have,

The visuals

the gasping for breath

I clasp my ears to fall asleep,

But it's louder,

like the entire worlds traffic jam,

has made its way to your head

It doesn't slow

It doesn't die out,

The numbness skyrockets,


The static grips me,

The silence itches,

It scrapes for an escape,

I scrape for an escape,

The tinnitus rings deafen me,

I let go to find it quieter,

It's louder inside my head,

than anywhere else

So the best I can do

is to deal with some roaring snores,

and let it silence the whirring within.

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