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some of us carry the burden of the world on our shoulders... (A little longer than my usual, i reallly hope you bear with me)

cacti eyes

Last night, my father told me

that not all shoulders are filled with ache.

but I wondered how do they bear

the void between their head and shoulders,

the seemingly still air murmuring curses,

how they live with this pit-

it's something I will never know. how they live with this pit-

it's something I will never know.

the void-

the void- is to clear things out, they said

but I too am not unknown of it,

for I too have one

and it lies in the centre


of my little heart.

my neck craned over

eyes peering through all shoulders~

an umbrella shieling you from the grey rain,

it's all clear

like it should be,

and if I find them weighed down

ever so slightly,

I gift them their void,

and the weights

and the weights, to me.

stone souls are not easy to carry,

but I raise them all with me

bags of ransacked hearts

muffled shades of detriments

dried out cacti eyes

all rest in my void,

like they had found their home.

like they too had found their home.

my father told me

not all shoulders hurt

some are bruised

some are just a little bruised

like a melting sky

putting down the weight of the sun


me, putting down the tonnage of their voids

their cacti eyes

just so that I too

just so that I too could breathe

so that I too could breathe, just a little.

just a little.

just a little.

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