Broken Halo
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Broken Halo

On earth fell a beautiful angel one day,

Her radiant smile warmed hearts,

Her wings gave trees a happy sway,

Her melodious voice sung lullabies to the sleepless,

Her aura, sweeter than the nectar of roses,

Her halo lit the path of those gone astray,

She truly loved, with all her heart,

She flew, showering glitter upon this dreadful world.

But one morning she woke up,

With a pit-ish feeling in her stomach,

Her plastic smile,

The hostile wind trembling the trees,

Her appalling voice made children cry,

Flowers started wilting,

Her blinding light raged; turning everything she touched to ashes,

And when all her love drained,

A broken halo floated atop,

For there is no such thing as permanence

Starlight dims,

Starlight dims, Wings fall apart,

Starlight dims, Wings fall apart, And halos can crack too.

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