WINGS OF FIRE; Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars
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Winter is getting used to living in Sanctuary, but then he meets a strange dragon, and his whole world is flipped upside down.

WINGS OF FIRE; Shooting Stars

These events happened a few months after "Darkness of Dragons".

Chapter 1 Winter watched the two scavengers he had found in the rainforest in their pen he made for them. He managed to get a male and female and he hopped to breed them.

"How are they doing?" a voice asked. A sea blue Seawing walked up to him, his tail lashing slowly as he walked. It was Riptide, a member of The Talons of Peace, he had helped make Sanctuary.

"They've seemed to have gotten used to their pen," Winter said as they both watched the small creatures scamper around. "Could we add more scavengers?"

"I would think so," Riptide said. "I don't see why not. There's plenty of room for more." "Hey, want to get something to eat?" "Sure," Winter said. "I also need to get some food for the scavengers."

Winter and Riptide walked down the cobblestone road towards the food vendors. It was hard to believe that the town had only opened yesterday. It was full of vendors, houses, and dragons from all tribes.

Winter noticed quite a few hybrids walking around. Up ahead, walking in the opposite direction from him, was a Nightwing. Her scales were glossy black with a midnight purple underbelly as were her eyes, but it was her wings that caught his attention.

They weren't like a normal Nightwing's wings', they were much larger, more like a Skywing. She even had a nose horn like the sky dragons.

As they passed, their wings brushed up against each other, and their eyes met as that happened. Suddenly, Winter inhaled sharply. In the corner of her eye, was a silver tear-drop scale.

She's a mind reader, Winter thought, thankful for the Skyfire in his ankle pouch. There was something about her that reminded him of Moon. She looked at least a year older than Moonwatcher, maybe five?

Winter then noticed the ruby earrings in her ears. That was the only jewelry she wore.

How did she get a hold of such a precious gem? Winter thought. Only royalty would have access to rubies and other gems.

By this time she was gone and Winter had managed to catch up to Riptide.

Who was that? Winter thought. Whoever she is...I wouldn't mind seeing her again.


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