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Animus Magic

Hey, guys. Stargazer here.

Today, I'll be talking about ANIMUS MAGIC.

Animus is a term for a dragon who has the power to enchant things, living and non.

At first, dragons thought that if you were born under all three moons(that's only for Nightwings) that you got mindreading, seeing, and animus magic, but that's wrong.

Animus magic is hereditary. Passed down from parent to child.

Also, you only go made if you use animus magic for EVIL, not just in general.

The only thing animus magic CAN NOT do is bring dragons that are LONG SINCE DEAD back to life.

I, myself, am an animus. Which means I am a descendent of DARKSTALKER.

Like his great-some-odd granddaughter...or something like that.

My Mother, Sightseer, is also an animus.

Which is how I am an animus.

Before DARKSTALKER, the Nightwing tribe didn't have animus dragons,

Only after Prince Arctic of the Icewings(who was an animus) had eggs with Foeslayer of the Nightwings, did the Nightwings get animus dragons.

The Seawings also have animuses? Animuni?

The known animuni in the Seawing tribe(that we know of) are Prince Albatros, Prince Fathom, Princess Anemone(even though her brother, Turtle enchanted her to be an animus), and Prince Turtle.

The only other animus dragon we know of is Jeboa of the Sandwings...who was around during the time of DARKSTALKER and managed to live to see Moon and them.

That's it for now!

I wish you all the power of wings of fire!

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