Wings of Fire fanfiction: The Secret Maze part one By Starfull
Wings of Fire fanfiction: The Secret Maze part one

By Starfull wof stories

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A few years after the events of the Lost Continent prophecy, a gang of mysterious dragons attack the rainforest kingdom. The dragonets Goldenheart and Hibiscus must find an ancient relic . . . before
their entire kingdom is lost to time.

Wings of Fire fanfiction: The Secret Maze part one By Starfull

Release date: November 7th, 2020

PROLOGUE A shrill wind blasted the trees with a wild ferocity. Trees were being torn apart. Lifebreather was terrified. He had been scouting the border of the rainforest kingdom when this terrible storm had come upon him. He guessed that it was a hurricane, but he could never be sure. All that mattered was that he had to get back to Queen Glory and warn her.

He could feel the wind clawing at him as he grasped on to one of the one remaining tree branches. It was no use. The wind would knock it over eventually. Lifebreather unfurled his wings, and then took off. More like tried to take off. He was immediately thrown all over the place by the violent storm. Surprised by the sudden burst, he toppled over and just managed to right himself and take off again.

After what seemed like forever, he finally reached the main village. Despite the howling storm nearby, the village was mostly untouched. Lifebreather knew that it wouldn't be for long. He flapped up to the platform where Queen Glory often was. "May I come in ?" he asked, anxious. There was a reply from the other side of the curtain, and he dashed inside. Glory was standing in front

of the throne, examining a scroll. "Lifebreather? What is it?"she said, not looking up. "There's a big storm, probably a hurricane, coming our way!" he cried, frantic. "We have to get everyone to safety! Or cast a spell so that that it cam't hurt us!" Glory immediately sat up, looking worried. She stood like that for a few seconds before nodding. "A spell. That's what we need."

She walked over to the edge of the platform and called, "Mightyclaws! Can you meet me up here?" A dragonet below stopped in his tracks, looked up at the queen, and nodded. Lifebreather watched him fly up to the platform with them. He also watched Glory explain what was going on. "I can draw a dome." Mightyclaws finally replied. "Or a force field of some sort. I just need paper and ink."

Queen Glory passed him the objects and he began to draw. Lifebreather was impressed with the dragonet's skill. After the drawing was complete, Mightyclaws tapped it and they all braced themselves. After a few tense seconds, Lifebreather looked outside. A massive force field surrounded the forest, while the hurricane was slowly growing smaller outside.

The next few hours were spent with the tribes huddling inside one of the libraries, waiting for the storm to pass. Deathbringer told stories of his various missions to the dragonets and anyone else who would stop to listen. Mightyclaws did crafts and Mangrove gave out fruit. Then, about three hours later, a RainWing reported that the hurricane was gone. The force field was taken down

and everyone got to spend the rest of the day doing what they wanted. A patrol was sent out to inspect the damage, and reported that only the edge of the kingdom had been harmed. Everything was going to be fine.

CHAPTER ONE "Wake up! We're going to the market!" Hibiscus sat up, blinking away drops of rain. His brother, Amazon, stood next to him, bouncing around. "No need to wake me up so early." he grumbled, looking outside. It was barely dawn. Rain was falling. Hibiscus lived with his brother and parents; Echidna and Fog, in a cave at the edge of the village.

Every Sunday, he and his family would go to the market. Hibiscus heard his father coming into the main cavern from upstairs. Fog walked into the cave and sleepily greeted his sons. "After Echidna wakes up, we're going." he rumbled. And after they were all growing impatient, she did. "Not the market!" she snapped. "I'm not going! And I'm certainly not letting them

go with you!"Fog looked annoyed. "Fine. You take them." He padded back into his sleeping chamber. After he was gone, Echidna turned to her children. "Don't worry. Your father can be annoying sometimes. Just ignore him." She ushered them out the door and into the forest. It was still raining by the time they got to the main square, but the sun was coming

out, and the rain would probably stop soon. Echidna strolled Hibiscus and Amazon to the market, where she told them to go find someone to play with and meet her at the outdoor theater at noon. Hibiscus's best friend was a NightWing named Goldenheart. He knew the beat place to find her was anywhere with knowledge. The bookstore nearby was probably a good shot.

He was correct. Goldenheart was standing next to shelf with books and scrolls about ancient relics. "Hi!" he called cheerfully. Goldenheart looked up. "Hibiscus!" she cried."You're here!" "What are you looking at?" Hibiscus walked over to her. "This stuff about ancient relics. Like, you know animus objects, other things. It's actually very interesting."

"I'll bet it is." he responded. "Do you know which one you want to get?" Goldenheart scanned the shelf again. "I'll take this one." She pulled a scroll of the shelf. Unlike the other scrolls and books, this one wasn't a new copy. It looked hundreds of years old. But instead of protesting, Hibiscus just nodded and followed her to the checkout station.

Goldenheart held the scroll up to the clerk. "How much is it?"she asked. The clerk looked surprised. "I didn't know this was even in here. But I guess you can have it for free." he said. "Really?" "Of course." Goldenheart looked at Hibiscus, excited. Grabbing him by the arm, she took off and dashed through the forest.

Hibiscus struggled to keep up, but he was equally excited. The zipped through the forest, ducked under branches and swinging over vines, until they reached a peaceful place by a waterfall. Hibiscus' heart was pounding as Goldenheart spread the scroll out on a rock.

CHAPTER TWO "Woah. Thing is, I can hardly read some of these words anymore." Goldenheart looked at the scroll. "Well, that would make sense. It is hundreds of years old, isn't it?"Hibiscus replied. Goldenheart nodded. She unrolled the scroll a little more. "Look," she said, pointing to a drawing. Hibiscus looked over her shoulder. It was a spear with ten points.

"What if each point represents one of the dragon tribes?" Hibiscus asked, thoughtful. "That would be cool." Goldenheart seemed entirely absorbed in reading the text.

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